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Euro-Tech is a company that was founded in 1993 in Gdynia, in a garage with an area of 22 m2. Thanks to the cooperation of several people with experience in the field of metalworking, the company has grown dynamically during  almost 30 years of activity. At the beginning, the main offer of Euro-Tech were machining services, including turning. In 1995, the company expanded its range of services to include milling with conventional machines. Thanks to the hard work and care for high quality, we managed to expand the machine park and modernize it.

Today we have two modern turning centers and six modern milling centers - all in CNC technology. In addition, we have a classic lathe, a classic milling machine and two band saws. In the Euro-Tech hall with an area of 1000m2 there is also a Mitutoyo altimeter, milling plotter and two casting furnaces. We employ 14 qualified employees. Our machining centers enable the production of components with complex shapes and various dimensions while maintaining high tolerances.

Aluminum and bronze casting is another area of our activity. We make our castings in the technology of sand molds and in  steel molds.

Experienced staff enables us to work with a very diverse group of customers. We work for manufacturers of street lamps, gears, vibratory devices, power connections, bearing housings, body of scrapers and sleeves. We work on both the documentation provided by our clients and we are able to design appropriate elements in cooperation with the client.

In 2005, Euro-Tech became a partner of the Pomeranian Science and Technology Park in Gdynia. In 2013, due to dynamic development, Euro-Tech Spółka .z o.o.was established.


We stand out with attention to detail, high quality materials and manufactured products. We provide transport of ordered products to our customers. The high quality of production and constant, planned care for improving the quality of the products and services of Euro-Tech from Gdynia were confirmed in 2019 by the prestigious IMP3rove.Assisted Assessment Certificate issued by the European Academy of Innovation Management EWUS from Dusseldorf. The certification process was carried out in accordance with the European procedures CEN TS 16555-1 and CWA 15899.

Our machines

Machine typeNameWorkspace
CNC machining centerFadal VMC 15XT760x400x500
CNC machining centerFadal VMC 3016L760x400x700
CNC machining centerFadal VMC 3020760x500x1000
CNC machining centerFadal VMC 45251143x635x812,8
CNC machining centerFadal VMC 40559x406x406
CNC latheFamot 400250×600
CNC lathe350×1200
LatheRAIS T250310×600
Conventional milling machine1200x300x400
Milling machine750x250x350
Bandsawing machineForte200
Bandsawing machineProline320 / 290
Centrifugal temper millTE18W

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