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Our foundry makes aluminum castings in two technologies.

Sand casting method: - it is a good way to make individual elements, small and medium series -The advantage is the ability to start production very quickly, because the casting model does not take much time and is not too expensive - another advantage is the possibility of making any number of castings without additional costs of production preparation (in fact, the only cost of preparation of production is the one-time cost of the foundry model, then the amount of work for manual molding is practically the same for individual pieces as well as for series) Using this method allows for very precise optimization of customer inventory. - the weight of aluminum castings ranges from 0.1 kg to about 100 kg 

Die casting method: - it is a good way to make medium and large series because of the cost of making die (the die is a metal mold consisting of two parts in which the shape of the detail is milled; the die is filled with liquid metal; after the mold has solidified, the detail is removed; the die is closed again and another detail is cast) - the advantage compared to sand molding is the significantly lower unit cost of labor for the element casting itself and much higher efficiency - the weight of aluminum castings ranges from 0.1 kg to about 20 kg In both methods of aluminum casting, we use only certified material - casting goose, which we have been buying for years from the same, proven supplier. If customers do not have their own casting project, we help to develop the right solutions. We make casting models in our tool shop, order in a specialized pattern shop or commission a 3D print - we choose the method that will be the cheapest. Customers, based on their own reliable economic calculations, choose one of the two methods described above. We offer the delivery of completely finished details - we also carry out machining of our castings (CNC turning and milling).

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